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General Rules

If your selected player does not take part in the tournament, bets will be made void (including Ante Post events). Once the player has tee’d off, bets will stand.

In tournaments that are affected by bad weather and/or have a reduction in the scheduled number of rounds, bets will be settled on the official result regardless of the number of rounds played. Bets placed after the last completed round will be void.

Any Golf events that do not take place within the same calendar year as quoted within the market, e.g. 'US Open 2020 Outright' will be made void.

All golf tournaments offered are available with 'Other Player on Request'.

The tournament winner will be the player that receives the trophy, provided an official result is confirmed by the governing body. The result of any playoff to determine the winner will count. Dead Heat Rules may apply in events where there could be more than one winner e.g. Open Qualification.

Outright Winner, Top 5/10/20/30/40, End of Round Leader, Groups/Nationalities, Double/Triple Chance, Top Pointscorer and Other Outrights

Dead Heat Rules apply - please note that ties play a large part in the settlement of golf markets.

Dead heats are a common occurrence as several players can finish tied for places. Depending on the number of players tied and the number of places offered, this can affect settlement in a variety of ways.

An example of this could be as follows:

Finishing PositionPlayerPrice 

If a bet was struck on Player E to win the tournament Each Way (at a 1/4 the odds, 3 places) settlement would be determined as follows:

As 3 players were tied for the remaining place left in the market (3rd Place) - 1st and 2nd finished clear of the field - the stake is divided by the following:

Number of places remaining divided by the number of participants involved in the dead heat

In the above example, Player E backers would have their stake reduced to 1/3rd of their original stake (1 place remaining and 3 involved in the dead heat). The price taken remains unaffected, it is only the stake that is subject to a reduction.

The principles would then be the same if the bet had been struck and 4 places were offered, i.e. 2 places remaining, 3 participants in the dead heat = reduced to 2/3rds of original stake.

Dead Heat settlement also applies in Top 5/10/20/30/40 etc. markets –

Example A) in Top 20 betting, if a player ties for 20th with 5 other players, i.e. 6 players all tied 20th, a 1/6th reduction to winnings would apply;

Example B) if 2 players tied for 10th in Top 10 betting then a ½ reduction would occur.

Play Offs count for settlement purposes.

To Finish Last

Any player who withdraws or gets disqualified in the event, then bets on those players will be deemed as losing bets.

Dead-heat rules may apply.

Double/Triple Chance

In the event of one or more or the selections being a non-runner, bets will revert to the remaining selection(s), determined by the price at the time of bet placement.

Tournament Match Betting

Bets will stand irrespective of the number of holes played, provided there is an official result.

If both players miss the cut, then the player with the lowest score after the cut has been made, will be declared the winner.

If both/all players fail to complete a specific round for any reason the winner is the player with the lowest total score after the previous round. - If a player withdraws without playing a shot all bets will be void.

If a player is disqualified or withdraws during any round they will be settled as a loser providing the other player completes that round. If a player is disqualified or withdraws after the cut has been made and his opponent has already missed the cut, the disqualified player is deemed the winner.

Both/All Players must complete 1 hole for bets to stand, otherwise bets will be void.

In the event of a tie and the tie has not been offered the match bets will be void.

Play Offs count for settlement purposes

Tournament Group Betting

If one of the players in a Group does not tee off in the tournament, then any bets placed on that specific player will be void. If you have placed a winning bet on other players in that Group, we may apply the equivalent to a Tattersalls Rule 4(c) to your winnings, based on the price of the player withdrawn.

Tournament Handicap Betting

If a player misses the cut, is disqualified, or withdraws during the tournament, then bets on that player will be settled as losers. Only the original scheduled number of holes count. Play-off holes do not count. If the tournament is shortened to less than original scheduled number of holes, then all bets on the Handicap betting market are void. Only the players listed on the Handicap list count for betting purposes. Dead heat rules apply.

18 Hole Betting (2 ball/3ball/Mythical 2/3 ball)

If all players do not start, then pairings or groups will be void.

If a player withdraws or is disqualified during the round, the other player is deemed the winner. If both players withdraw or are disqualified during the round, bets will be made void.

In 2 ball betting a price will be offered for the tie (unless Tie No Bet)  

Dead heat rules will apply for 3 ball betting.

In modified Stableford events the bets will be settled on the points scored and not the strokes taken.

If pairings or groups change, then bets stand on the respective player scores.

Players must complete 1 hole for bets to stand, otherwise bets will be void.

Finishing Positions

This market will be settled on the finishing position of the player, regardless of tied-for places. For example, if 4 Players were to tie for 10th position, each player would be considered to have finished in 10th place.

Straight/Dual Forecast

For straight forecasts, players must come 1st and 2nd in the specified order, and in Dual forecasts players must come 1st or 2nd in either order. Dead-heat rules may apply.

Both players must tee off for bets to stand, otherwise bets will be made void on that selection.

In the event of a tie for second place, Dead heat rules will apply i.e. a 4-way tie for second place will mean the bet will be settled at a 1/4 of the original stake.

Wire to Wire Winner/Winning Margin

Only the original scheduled number of holes count. In the event of a reduction in the number of Rounds/Holes played all bets will be made void.

Season Money Lists

Bets to predict which golfer tops the official money list at the end of the season, all in compete or not. Bets will be determined by the overall winner following the last relevant tournament and will not be affected by any subsequent enquiries or alterations

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