Betway Boosts

General rules

Betway Boosts will be settled based on the result at the end of regulation, including injury time. Unless otherwise stated extra time, penalties, etc. do not count for settlement purposes.

If one selection included in a Betway Boost (e.g. a Football Treble) is a non-runner/does not take place all bets on the boost will be void, unless result is already known.

Betway Boosts are offered for promotional purposes only. The prices offered can be considerably greater than those offered on the same outcomes elsewhere in the sportsbook. In order to ensure as many customers as possible can benefit from these promotions the maximum permitted stake amount can be significantly smaller compared to the regular sportsbook offering.

Betway Boost prices are subject to change.

Relevant sports betting rules apply for Betway Boosts unless stated otherwise (e.g. Tennis rules apply for a Tennis Boost).

Last updated: 22/12/2022