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Australian Rules

General Rules

1. All match markets include overtime, if played, unless otherwise stated.

2. Regulation time must be completed for bets to stand unless otherwise stated.

3. If the duration of a match is changed by the governing body prior to the commencement of play, the revised game length will be regarded as the official regulation time for this match, and all bets will stand as long as this new regulation time is completed.

4. If a match venue is changed then bets already placed will stand providing the home team is still designated as such. If the home and away team for a listed match are reversed then bets placed based on the original listing will be void.

Match Betting

If any match ends in a draw/tie, including overtime if played, then stakes will be refunded unless a price is offered for the draw/tie. Bets will be settled on the official AFL result only.

Quarter/Half Betting

For all quarter/half betting, in the event of a specific quarter/half not being completed bets will be void, unless the specific market outcome is already determined. If a game goes to overtime then this will be included for settlement purposes (considered a continuation of the 4th quarter/2nd Half).

Double Result

Predict the outcome of the specified match at half-time and full-time including overtime if played.

Team To Score First

The market covers any score e.g. Goal/Behind for settlement purposes.

Team to Score First Goal

The market covers Goal only for settlement purposes.

First Goalscorer/Last Goalscorer/To Score A Goal/Player To Score 2, 3 Or More

Bets on players taking no part in the match will be void. If your player is an unused substitute, or takes the field as a designated substitute after a goal has been scored then bets on your player to score the first goal will be made void. If your player has taken the field as a designated substitute at any time prior to the first goal being scored then your bet stands. If your player is one of the interchange players then your bet stands. All players that take part in a match will be considered runners for Last Goalscorer, To Score a Goal and Player To Score 2, 3 Or More betting.

Best On Ground/Man Of The Match

Settlement will be based on the player judged to be the Medal Winner in the specified match. Bets on players taking no part in the match will be void. Dead-heat rules apply.

Scorecast (Winning Margin and Player to Score First Goal)

Settlement for all Scorecast markets is based on the first goal scored as opposed to the first score. If your player takes the field after a goal has been scored, or does not take part in the game prior to a goal being scored, then bets will be made void. If a match is abandoned after a goal has been scored then all bets will be settled as singles on the first goalscorer at the appropriate odds.

Season Betting

With the exception of Premiership winner, AFL seasonal markets offered will be regular season only, and based on the official AFL ladder. If in any market teams are tied, the winner will be deemed the team with the best percentage (or worst percentage for Wooden Spoon).

Most Losses (Regular Season)

1. Settled on the team recording the most losses during the regular season. In the event of two or more teams recording the same number of losses, the winner will be determined as the team with the worst for-and-against differential. Regular Season must be completed for bets to stand.

2. Any penalties or appeals heard after the end of the scheduled season which may subsequently alter the league placing will not count for betting purposes.

International Rules Series

Bets will be settled on official GAA/AFL result only

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